Dual-Citizens hope to score a seat on Justin’s Jihad Gravy Train for idiot convert son

Their son went to Syria. They’re facing 14 years in prison for trying to send him money — they say to bring him home

…Then, on Sept. 2 of that year, he called and told his mom: “I’m in Syria.”

What Jack Letts did over the next two years is unclear. There are angry, offensive Facebook posts on his account, which he told his parents he did not write, claiming that others had access. In the summer of 2015, he posted a photo of himself in Syria, holding up the one-finger salute associated with Daesh, which until recently controlled a large swath of Iraq and Syria.

Communication with his parents was spotty, but when he could speak to them, he said he was doing humanitarian work, teaching in schools, telling them he did not belong to any group.”

Yea sure.

Your son went to Syria to join ISIS, he hasn’t spent a day in Canada that I am aware of, why is this our responsibility?