But why SHOULD Obama be embarrassed by scandals?

So many people have a hard time adjusting to post-modernism. For example, we read from Matt Margolis at Townhall:

Obama’s claims always come with a subtle caveat. His administration didn’t have “a scandal that embarrassed us,” or they didn’t have “a major scandal.” But, my favorite nuance from his super-secret appearance in Boston was when he said, “Generally speaking, you didn’t hear about a lot of drama inside our White House.” He’s right about that point. As I document in my forthcoming book, The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama, there were over two dozen scandals over the course of Obama’s presidency, and they were all downplayed or ignored by the mainstream media.

When the media refuses to give us the full knowledge of the character and conduct of our rulers, we get Barack Obama for eight long years. The media presented Obama as a successful, scandal-free president—a massive cover-up unprecedented in the history of modern journalism—and this amounts to an abdication of their duty to the American people to tell us the truth. We expect the free press to serve as an important check on the government. Their failure to do so with Obama is his golden ticket to historical greatness and he clearly recognizes this and is using it to his advantage. More.

Reality check: Simple answer, they are not a “free press” anymore, they are useless institution looking for welfare or other handouts. People who consume their products have only themselves to thank for the problems – which is about the same with cigarettes, alcohol, and dope, right?

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