But why does it even matter to entertainment media if ratings suffer?

Government is their get-out-of-debt card. From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, said during their Oscars telecast, the campaign against sexual harassment should be limited to a prescheduled “moment,” so viewers don’t feel it “overshadows the artists and the films being honored.”

If the Academy Awards people wanted to recall how Hollywood has behaved, they would take a “moment” to replay the standing ovation for child-raping director Roman Polanski when he won best director in 2003. The audience could see Meryl Streep standing and applauding, and then there’s director Martin Scorsese doing the same, being a good sport about losing to Polanski, and standing up and clapping behind him is … Harvey Weinstein.More.

Reality check: Aren’t these media just waiting for welfare from the next progressive government (which they will do their best to elect)? The CBC for eternity!

See also: Atlantic: How Amazon jobs “harm” poor cities. So there are actually jobs in those places now? No wonder Trump won the US election. No wonder leftism is tanking faster than a Lada driven over a sea cliff. If it is a choice between seething on welfare and sweating on the job, the seethers are useful to the leftist and the sweaters are useful to themselves.