A ‘political hit job’? Why the alt-right is accusing big tech of censorship

How far should free speech go? Looming legal battles will challenge tech companies’ power to ‘punish disfavored speech’

In January, Charles C “Chuck” Johnson filed a suit contesting his ban from Twitter back in May 2015.

Johnson, an American rightwing provocateur, has a long history of smearing and hunting political opponents. He runs a scurrilous news site, GotNews, and another that crowdsources bounties for damaging information on his self-selected foes. He was eighty-sixed from Twitter following outrage from other users after a tweet appealing for crowdsourcing to “take out” Black Lives Matter activist, DeRay McKesson.

It was an early example of Twitter appearing to accede to user pressure in scrubbing rightwing accounts.

So Dennis Prager is “Alt-Right”? Who knew! This is a Guardian piece, anyone right of Stalin is a fascist. Otherwise it’s not so bad an overview of what’s going on.