Surrey MP Randeep Sarai says he didn’t invite Jaspal Atwal

Surrey MP Randeep Sarai speaks out for the first time since Atwal controversy – ‘I didn’t invite the person,’ he said of Jaspal Atwal

“I didn’t invited the person,” he said of Atwal. “He’s a media personality; he’s associated with Media Waves, the radio, and he’s there for, around everwhere. We did go on his radio pre-election, kind of during the writ period time, afterwards I’ve been on it a couple of times, he’s been around socially in the community here in Surrey for years now. I’ve seen him around but I don’t have anything beyond socially when we see him at media events or at public events, I don’t have any other relationship with him.”

Sarai says he merely provided a list of names of community members who expressed personal interest in attending the events without checking the list over first. Ultimately it was the job of the RCMP/CSIS and the PMO to examine that list. A self serving lie by Sarai? What Liberal doesn’t lie?