Pig’s blood & hate speech: Germany registered 950 attacks on Muslims in 2017

The German government registered at least 950 cases of Muslims and mosques being targeted or attacked in 2017. Muslim leaders claim that the figure accounts for only a fraction of crimes committed against Muslims in Germany.

In almost all cases, the perpetrators of the attacks were right-wing extremists, according to local media which obtained the data provided to lawmakers by the Interior Ministry. However, the documented offenses range in severity, from physical assault to internet “hate speech” directed at Muslim refugees.

German authorities registered 33 assaults that led to injuries and around 60 attacks directed against mosques – including cases in which places of worship were desecrated with pig’s blood. The figure also takes into account reports of threatening letters and “incitement”against Muslims on the internet.

Ninety rallies protesting the “Islamization of Germany” were also registered. However, right-wing Pegida marches held in Saxony were not counted in the figure.

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