Committee to Protect Journalism: Biggest Threat Is Donald Trump

Liberals are wrong. The trickle-down effect exists. As the opinions editor of a mid-sized daily newspaper in Florida, I attest that it does.

It surfaces nearly every time President Donald Trump utters the words “fake news.” Trump’s signature rhetorical salvo at his foils in the national media drives some of our local pro-Trump readers to lump all journalists together. Thus, our paper’s reporters, who work diligently to serve and enlighten their community, and who don’t come within a thousand miles of Washington, still become the local Jim Acosta.

Admittedly, as a journalist, I find this situation frustrating. But absorbing and dealing with our readers’ objections about the news media is not nearly as frustrating as watching the national media’s hyperventilating, and often panicky, response to much of Trump’s Twitter-fed bombast.