Dispatches from Deep inside Progressiville

In the 1979 suspense thriller When a Stranger Calls, a legendary movie reveal on the order of The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects occurs at the film’s climax. Having been terrorized by sinister, anonymous phone calls for most of the film’s running time, the babysitter suddenly finds out that “the calls are coming from inside the house!”

These are words – or words to that effect – that many in my community might collectively gasp if they knew how I voted on November 8, 2016. (Tar and feathering to follow.)

I live and work in a passionately progressive sub-hamlet of a major metropolitan city in California. (OK, it’s Los Angeles.) I voted for Trump. According to the zeitgeist, those two facts shouldn’t even be in proximity to one another on the page – let alone be true in real life.