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The Parkland Teens Fighting For Gun Control Have The Backing Of These Huge Organizing Groups

Barely two weeks ago, the student survivors sat in a circle in the living room of one of their parents’ homes, planning a trip to Tallahassee to meet with lawmakers and handling nitty-gritty matters like which media outlets to talk to.

Since then, major players and organizations — including Everytown, Giffords, Move On, Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March LA — told BuzzFeed News they are helping the students with logistics, strategy, and planning for next month’s March for Our Lives rally and beyond. Much of the specific resources the groups are providing to the Parkland students remains unclear — as is the full list of supporting organizations — but there are broad outlines.

Teacher charged after boy, 10, taken from school and sexually assaulted: police

A 24-year-old male teacher at a private Islamic school in Scarborough is facing charges after a 10-year-old student was allegedly driven off school property and sexually assaulted earlier this month.

Toronto police say that on Feb. 16 at about 11:15 a.m., a 10-year-old boy was taken from the grounds of The Islamic Foundation of Toronto School at Nugget Avenue and Markham Road.

Investigators allege the boy was driven to Neilson Road and McLevin Avenue in the Malvern area and sexually assaulted.

YouTube’s New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels

In the wake of the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, some YouTube moderators mistakenly removed several videos and some channels from right-wing, pro-gun video producers and outlets. On Tuesday, some YouTube channels began complaining about their accounts being pulled entirely. That would have marked a sweeping policy change for YouTube, which typically only removes channels in extreme circumstances and focuses most disciplinary action on specific videos. But YouTube said it was a mistake.

Are the kids too lazy to vote? Ontario leaders debate how to get youth, minority support

Jail time for scratching the vote? Casting ballots with only a hashtag and selfie? Statutory holidays on E-Day? Free swag for fulfilling a civic duty?

It’s fun to imagine an unlikely scenario in which Premier Kathleen Wynne shoots a free T-shirt gun into a crowd of electors to convince them to show up to vote for her. But with just roughly half of eligible Ontarians showing up at the polls over the last decade, boosting turnout may require some out-of-the-box thinking.

Trump says California border wall on hold until entire wall approved

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the parts of a proposed border wall he says California wants will not be built until the entire southern wall is approved, although state officials have said they are strongly opposed to the plan.

“I have decided that sections of the Wall that California wants built NOW will not be built until the whole Wall is approved,” Trump said in a tweet.

Israel agrees to halt deportations of Canada-bound asylum-seekers

The asylum-seekers, most of them deemed by Israel to be economic migrants rather than refugees in need of protection, can either leave voluntarily for a “safe” African country and receive $3,500 and a plane ticket, or face imprisonment.

The Canadian government is under the gun to resettle 1,845 of the African refugees whose sponsorship applications are currently in process, some for years.

“Canada does not support policies of mass deportations of asylum-seekers. The rights of asylum-seekers and refugees are laid out in the Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees, of which Israel is a signatory,” said Adam Austen, press secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.