How to Ruin a Self-Driving Car

What’s the harm in wanting to have a clean vehicle?

In the Midwest, the snow melting during the winter-to-spring shift means there’s nothing more reliable than a ten-car-line at the carwash on your lunch break.

But besides giving up half you day waiting, what’s the harm in wanting to have a clean car? Well, the answer to that might depend on whether you have a self-driving vehicle.

CNN recently called carwashes “a nightmare” for self-driving cars, and here’s why: it seems the traditional car wash – with its massive automated brushes – are too harsh when applied to a vehicle whose exterior is covered in sensors. The result of the aggressive wash could actually mess with their accuracy or calibration, which would jeopardize the ability of your autonomous vehicle to, say, keep you from hitting other cars or pedestrians.

We need self-washing cars. h/t Exile