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WATCH: Trudeau Says Top ‘Complaint’ Of Canadians Is ‘You’re Not Bringing In Enough Immigrants’

All the polls say otherwise, showing how totally out-of-touch Trudeau is from the Canadian people.

Justin Trudeau said many dumb and dishonest things on his trip to India.

Among those dumb and dishonest things was a comment that is totally at odds with all the facts when it comes to what Canadians think about immigration.

While in Mumbai, Trudeau said that the most common complaint he hears from Canadians is “you’re not bringing in enough immigrants.”

Slimy Student Activist David Hogg Smears Dana Loesch, Brazenly Lies About Her And The NRA

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I detest the slimy student activist David Hogg that is now the darling of the left. ABC is trying to outdo CNN on smearing Dana Loesch and the NRA. George Stephanopoulos interviewed Dana Loesch who wiped the floor with him. So, he then turned to Hogg along with other media talking heads to smear gun rights advocates. What I’d like to know is who is funding and coaching this kid? Stephanopoulos was simply gaga over the kid’s smear campaign. “David, you see there what you’re up against. NRA against any changes in the minimum age, against universal background checks, against a ban on semi-automatic weapons,” he asked the teen. Give me a freaking break.

“Honestly, it’s just disgusting. They act like they don’t own these politicians. They still do,” Hogg bitterly spat. “And what I want people to know is, look at Dana. Look at what she’s saying. Is she actually saying anything or is that just a tone to distract the American public and distract her NRA members from the fact that she’s not serving them? She’s serving the gun manufacturers.” He claims she is owned by the gun lobby, which is slander and simply not true. I don’t always agree with Loesch, but a more ardent defender of gun rights you won’t find out there and she has always been that way.

Cardinal: Trudeau gov’t ‘dictatorial’ for coercing Canadians to support abortion

Toronto’s Cardinal Thomas Collins spoke boldly against the new requirement under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government that employers sign an attestation supporting abortion and transgenderism in order to receive student summer job grants.

“The government is being aggressively secularist,” Cardinal Collins said in an interview with Vatican News published February 23. “Churches shouldn’t have to attest to what they don’t believe.”

“A lot of Canadians are appalled by this heavy-handed, dictatorial approach that is being taken by the government for no reason at all. Why on earth are they doing this? I just find it astonishing,” he added.

Black Activists Are Wondering Why Media Is More Supportive Of Parkland Shooting Students

In the aftermath of a former student killing seventeen people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the student survivors have begun to mobilize, calling for gun control, marching to the Florida state Capitol to demand meetings with legislators and demanding the removal of politicians who accept money from the National Rifle Association.

Public support for the students was also swift — celebrities donated money to the cause and they were even referred to as “freedom riders,” leaving black activists to wonder such affirmation was when they took to the streets in Baltimore, Md., and Ferguson, Mo.

“We’re watching these students walk out of school and stop traffic and we’re not seeing the National Guard down there. We’re not seeing tear gas being thrown at them. There’s one distinct difference between those groups and that is race,” writer and activist George M. Johnson told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

So you’re saying raced cause the riots, looting, and arson? 

Nelson: Trudeau’s style over substance is wearing thin

“Is it just me or is this choreographed cuteness all just a bit much now?”

Before being accused of plagiarism, I must immediately explain that these are not my words, though they capture precisely the feelings engendered by our peacock prime minister and his accompanying brood as they played “let’s all dress up” on last week’s dreadful disaster of a trip to the Indian subcontinent.

No, the sentiment above, expressed, as is the norm these days, in tweet form, belongs to Omar Abdullah, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir.