No, the Parkland massacre is not necessarily “a failure of the state”

From Mark Steyn,

During Wednesday’s horrible fiasco of a “Town Hall”, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel spelled it out:

“What I’m asking the law makers to give police all over this country is more power.”

I was sufficiently struck by the above to write it down – because it was clear even then that Sheriff Israel is an incompetent deployer of the power he already has. The scale of his department’s appalling failure in the Parkland massacre gets worse almost hourly. I was on air with Tucker Carlson when I heard that Stoneman Douglas High’s on-site “school resource officer” – Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, uniformed, trained and armed – had declined to enter the building and had stayed safely outside until Nikolas Cruz had finished killing everybody.More.

Reality check: The modern state governs people who are becoming unnecessary to the state, which runs on automation and digitization. A small elite would manage just fine without most of us. We have come a long way from the traditional society whose wealth was its people, whose labour produced goods and services. The value of human life is increasingly arbitrary and protecting it is increasingly discretionary. The “uniformed, trained, and armed” civil servants sense that. The first step to survival is recognizing what they sense.

See also: Ottawa weighs making Canadian media official Pravdas. In an age when everywhere we look, someone is tippy tapping away on his phone, the necrotic Canadian media could only ever be an amplifier for government propaganda, and many of them sound like they are rehearsing for the part. The news, whatever it is, will usually be elsewhere.