Jihadis slipping back into Britain are being rehabbed at tax payer expense

GP reveals how she is trying to free returning jihadi brides from ISIS control as critics demand answers as to why they have been allowed to ‘slip back into Britain’

Dr Misra revealed:

  • One woman told how her white Western friend was married to a jihadi who beheaded his own mother after she told him to leave IS;
  • Some returnees include young girls who went to Syria for the ‘romance’ of marrying a ‘gangster husband’, fleeing a forced marriage in the UK;
  • Other girls went to Syria because they were groomed online by jihadis who promised them ‘love’;
  • Divorced mothers went to Syria searching for a ‘father figure’ for their children, as they could not find husbands in their home communities due to the stigma of being divorcees.
  • Women were injected with fertility drugs because they did not fall pregnant immediately and young girls were married off to men in their 50s.

None should be allowed back.