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Strutting their gut on the FAT-walk: More than 100 plus-size women battle it out to be crowned Miss Jumbo in Thai beauty pageant

An annual beauty pageant in Thailand compares plus sized woman to elephants.

Pictures from the Jumbo Queen Beauty Pageant in Nakhon Ratchasima shows the entrants on-stage, backstage and before the contest.

In order to take part in the pageant, which promotes elephant conservation causes, contestants have to weigh at least 12st 9lbs – and those are merely the featherweights!

Mexico again among Canada’s top sources of refugee claims after visa requirement lifted

Refugee claims by Mexicans have increased sharply since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allowed citizens of the country to enter Canada without travel visas, new figures show.

Almost 1,500 citizens of Mexico had refugee claims referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2017 — six times more than in the previous year, when they totaled just 250.

Dutch party centre bans kid’s cowboy party because “it’s racist”

The far-left action group “De Grauwe Eeuw” filed a police report against the organisation behind the festival. According to them, the feast for children between 2 and 12 years old uses ‘racist stereotypes’.

“Cowboys are responsible for the genocide on America’s native inhabitants”, De Grauwe Eeuw stated. Migrant activist Anousha Nzume later joined them in their acquisitions and threatened to boycott another festival at the same location.

New Chicago ID card created for undocumented immigrants will be accepted for voter registration

A new municipal ID designed primarily for illegal immigrants will be accepted in Chicago as a valid form of identification to register to vote.

The CityKey will be a government-issued photo identification card available to all Chicago residents regardless of immigration status, criminal record, housing status, or gender identity, according to the city clerk’s website.

Another controversy hits Trudeau’s India visit, distorted J&K map at event attended by Canadian PM

Another controversy has hit Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India as a map misrepresenting Jammu and Kashmir was put up at the event he was speaking at.

A map showing a distorted Jammu and Kashmir – without the entire PoK area including Gilgit and Baltistan – was placed at an event in New Delhi where the Canadian PM and his wife were speaking at.

India has firmly maintained that Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir is a part of India and has been encroached upon by Pakistan. The distortion of the map will come as further embarrassment for the Canadian government.