As legacy media decline, they indulge in delusional views of themselves

From L. V. Anderson at Digg:

Is ‘The Post’ A Sign That Oscar-Bait Movies Need To Die?

Streep’s capable performance can’t make up for the fact that Graham’s personal journey from timid socialite to inspirational ladyboss happens literally, and implausibly, overnight. Then there’s the clunky dialogue: At one point Graham turns to Bradlee and says, “My husband always said that the news is the first rough draft of history.” Which is indeed an aphorism often (erroneously) attributed to Philip Graham, but come on. The best biopics refrain from constantly announcing that their subjects are extraordinary people making world-changing decision; “The Post” never lets you forget it.More.

Reality check: The thing is, about the necrotic current media, they don’t matter like that. Or not usually. Now and then there is a flash of serious journalism but… They need Donald Trump to be the cause of their misery so badly – and yet he isn’t. Portentous irrelevance is what’s killing them.

See also: Ottawa weighs making Canadian media official Pravdas. In an age when everywhere we look, someone is tippy tapping away on his phone, the necrotic Canadian media could only ever be an amplifier for government propaganda, and many of them sound like they are rehearsing for the part. The news, whatever it is, will usually be elsewhere.