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Minnesota: Muslim running for Rochester mayor started org backed by terror-linked CAIR

Mustafa’s announcement makes her the second person to start a campaign for the open mayoral seat in November. Jordan Glynn announced plans to run in April.

She started a nonprofit called “Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam” with the backing of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Circle of Rochester.

CAIR is a Hamas-tied Muslim Brotherhood front group which operates with impunity inside the United States, even though the extremist Brotherhood has been banned as a terrorist organization by several Arab countries.

Publishing platform Medium suspends far-right figures

The online publishing platform Medium has suspended the accounts of prominent far-right figures Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer.

Medium spokesperson Sandee Roston told The Hill that the company does “not comment on individual accounts.”

POLL: Amid Infighting, Ontario PCs Retain Big Lead Over Liberals

Ipsos poll shows that all top PC leadership contenders would defeat the Wynne Liberals.

Despite continued controversy and party in-fighting, the Ontario PCs still retain a strong lead over the Liberals according to a new Ipsos poll.

South Carolina Lawmakers Want to Define Same-Sex Marriage as ‘Parody Marriage’

A half-dozen representatives in the South Carolina state legislature are pushing to change how the state defines same-sex marriages, reclassifying them as “parody marriages.”

The bill, which has been sent to the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee for review, is loaded with language likely to be considered incendiary by gay rights activists. It asserts that “marriage between and man and a woman arose out of the nature of things and marriage between a man and a woman is natural, neutral, and noncontroversial, unlike parody forms of marriage.

A look at the history of Sikhism, Sikh extremism and its impact on Canada

Questions around Justin Trudeau’s commitment to opposing Sikh extremism in Canada have been a recurrent theme since his arrival in India last weekend, with the prime minister repeatedly pushed to confirm his government’s support for a united India.

India has long grappled with a Sikh independence movement centred in Punjab, the country’s northwest, dating back to India achieving independence from British rule in 1947.