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Mother outraged after school sends ‘triggering’ residential school book home to 3rd graders

A mother from Hay River, N.W.T., says she’s upset after her son’s school sent the third grader home with a graphic book about an 8-year-old girl being mistreated in residential school.

She said she only realized how triggering the book is after she started reading it to her son — partway through the first page, she said they both started crying.

Purdue writing guide: Words with ‘MAN’ ‘should be avoided’

A widely-used online writing and grammar resource published by Purdue University encourages college students to avoid “the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers.”

While the guide acknowledges that “man” originally conveyed a dual meaning, referring to either adult males or humans in general, it says the terminology is now considered offensive.

Drinking alcohol key to living past 90

The research, led by University of California neurologist Claudia Kawas, tracked 1,700 nonagenarians enrolled in the 90+ Study that began in 2003 to explore impacts of daily habits on longevity.

Researchers discovered that subjects who drank about two glasses of beer or wine a day were 18% less likely to experience a premature death than those who abstained from alcohol, the Independent reports.

Denmark Will Not End Like Sweden

While the Nordic nations Denmark and Sweden often side with each other on many issues, they are worlds apart on others. This is best illustrated by Danish Liberal Politician Mads Fuglede who indeed minced no words as he slammed his Swedish sister party for being over-lenient on the asylum question and used his northern neighbor in general as a boogeyman in an interview with the Swedish national broadcaster SVT.

While the interview almost exclusively revolved around Denmark’s tougher immigration policy, Fuglede made it clear that his party would like to reduce immigration specifically from the Middle East, as “too many people” coming from that area were “living on welfare in parallel societies.” In doing that, Fuglede referred to Sweden, which, he argued, was increasingly becoming like a country in the Middle East.

ARROGANT ELITIST: Trudeau Launches Crackdown On Tips In Latest Tax Attack, While Billions Remain In Foreign Offshore Tax Havens

Trudeau spends our money with wild abandon and lets his elitist buddies keep billions in offshore accounts, yet he wants to rip every last dollar he can out of the pockets of Canadian workers.

Justin Trudeau is seeking to take even more money away from Canadians.

The Trudeau CRA is launching a further crackdown on tips, taking even more money out of the pockets of Canadians even as the carbon tax adds to the growing financial burden on Canadians.