Who are the Russian trolls indicted by the US?

Journalist and whistleblower Lyudmila Savchuk once worked at Russia’s notorious St. Petersburg-based troll factory hoping to expose the operation. She spoke to DW about the recent indictments of Russian meddling.

DW: Do you know any of the 13 Russians from the so-called troll factory the US has indicted for allegedly trying to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election via social networks?

Lyudmila Savchuk: I was aware of three names before I was hired: Prygoshin, Burtshik and Bystrov (ed: suspected top personnel at the troll factory.) The media had already written about them in 2014. As far as the others are concerned, I checked out their profiles on social media. They are friends with other people I met at the troll factory.