The case of Ahed Tamimi is deeply disturbing, but not for the reasons you think

Ahed Tamimi. Raised Rabid.

Ahed Tamimi is a 17-year old Palestinian girl currently on trial in an Israeli military court in the West Bank for 12 violent offences dating back to 2016. She achieved global notoriety for the video, filmed by her mother in December last year, in which she kicked and punched two Israeli soldiers. The video was viewed thousands of times on Facebook and broadcast in news bulletins around the world. The media narrative was simple – this plucky teenager symbolised the Palestinian resistance struggle against Israel.

The reality is far more disturbing. Ahed’s family has a long history of involvement in terrorism. Her aunt was part of the terrorist cell that carried out a suicide bombing in a pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in August 2001 that killed 15 people, including 7 children, and wounded 130. Most of her direct and extended family have been convicted of terrorism offences.