Is India’s government ‘snubbing’ Canada’s Justin Trudeau?

NEW DELHI — Justin Trudeau, Canada’s heartthrob leader who has near rock star status in liberal circles, is stumbling to make a good impression on his week-long trip to India — at least according to the local press.

Indian media reports that the government has “snubbed” the Canadian prime minister and that his delegation has had trouble meeting with counterparts here. To top it all off, Trudeau misspelled “Gandhi” in a now-deleted tweet sent from the revered Indian leader’s ashram.

Trudeau, so often praised for dazzling on the world stage, is apparently being given a cold shoulder by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Modi did not greet Trudeau at the airport with one of his famous bear hugs, instead sending a junior agricultural minister to do the honors, media reports noted. Then, Modi was out of sight when Trudeau visited his home state of Gujarat. The social media savvy Indian leader hasn’t even sent Canada’s first family a welcome tweet.