Despite Leftist Outcry, Americans Don’t Want Federally Funded Pornographic Sex Ed

President Trump’s budget proposes increased funding for sexual risk avoidance education in addition to cutting ineffective programs. Left-wing groups are succumbing to histrionics.

The Trump administration is bringing back sexual risk avoidance, or abstinence-based, education, and many on the Left are not happy. When the administration’s 2018 budget proposed cutting former President Obama’s ineffective and expensive Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP), which uses the comprehensive sex education model of sexual risk reduction, the mainstream media predicted an apocalypse signaled by unplanned pregnancies.

Now, after the release of President Trump’s fiscal-year 2019 budget, which proposes increased funding for sexual risk avoidance education programs in addition to cutting TPPP, left-wing groups are once again succumbing to histrionics. Debra Hauser, the president of the Advocates for Youth, has accused the administration of “refusing to put the health of our youth over their own outdated ideologies.”