Why real Americans don’t care for these Winter Olympics

These Games are boring. The NBC ratings are dismal and only about 19 million of us are watching. The Weather Channel does better.

If I had a say in this, there’d be only two countries taking part in Winter Olympics 2018 – the United States versus Russia. We don’t need the rest.

Like it was when we beat them in hockey, 1980.

As you can see, there are too many countries around the world…too many, absolutely, around Pyeonchang, which is in South Korea.

Was that really the best choice? Never mind. That’s another topic. But I must say this – my Uncle Marv did return (wounded) from the war there; but 33,652 other Americans did not.

It’s called “The Forgotten War.” I’ll bet it is not forgotten by families of the more than 7,000 servicemen who remain unaccounted to this day.

All things considered the general, entitled bitchiness of the athletes has been a major turn-off for many I suspect.