Mark Steyn struggles with current illiteracy about actual rights

Over the flap about the use of the term “Anglo-American” to refer to the legal system that is usual among the English-speaking peoples. From Mark Steyn:

Golly, you’d almost get the impression “Anglo-American” is a common term with reference to the legal heritage of the United States:

…a writ that has been in place in the Anglo-American legal system for over 700 years…

…the foundation of Anglo-American law…

…adheres to rule of law, habeas corpus, basic principles of Anglo-American legal system…

That’s Jeff Sessions’ fellow racist dog-whistler Barack Obama speaking variously as senator, presidential candidate and president – and all found after twenty seconds of Googling by my old National Review comrade Charles C W Cooke. All week long, I’ve been asked by readers to weigh in on this “fresh racism charge”, and I honestly can’t bear the thought: What’s the point of “debating” with the likes of Schatz and Newsom, men of great eminence who know nothing and who are too stupid to resist advertising their stupidity to the world? Or with those such as Tribe, who surely know otherwise but are cheering on the know-nothings because they perceive it as advantageous to do so?More.

Reality check: It is a good question whether the current political class feels that it benefits from English Common Law. Something that gives politicians more rights is often toyed with.

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