Half of Ontarians Now Say they Support the PCs

Toronto, February 17th – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll™ among 949 Ontario voters, half (49%) say they would support the PCs if an election were held today, an increase of 8 points in just a few weeks (Jan 25: 42%).

The Liberals have the support of about a quarter (24%), similar to the end of January (Jan 25: 27%). The NDP dip slightly in February to

2 in 10 (19%), which is 4 points from where they were in January (Jan 25: 23%). The Greens are supported by just under 1 in 10 (7%), similar to January (Jan 25: 6%). Few are supporting another party (2%).

Not that I put much trust in polls any longer. Still you have to wonder at the NDP, that’s a pretty crappy showing even by their standards.