Turkey’s Friday sermon glorifies “armed jihad”

A sermon sent to Turkey’s 90,000 mosques for Friday prayers by Turkish state religious authorities took as its theme the importance of jihad.

“Engaging in armed struggle for belief, existence, nation, survival and freedom is the highest level of jihad,” the sermon said.

“The struggle we gave only yesterday in the east, west, north and south to protect this glorious nation is the most lively witness to jihad. Gallipoli, where we triumphed with Allah’s help, is the name of an existential epic, belief, bravery and determination,” said the sermon, sent to be read out at each of Turkey’s mosques by the state Directorate of Religious Affairs.

In long-secular Turkey, sharia is gradually taking over

Over the past few weeks, Turkish officials have broken with decades of precedent in what is still, at least nominally, a secular republic: they have begun describing the country’s military deployment in Syria as “jihad.” During the first two days of the operation, which began on Jan. 20, the government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs ordered all of Turkey’s nearly 90,000 mosques to broadcast the “Al-Fath” verse from the Koran — “the prayer of conquest” — through the loudspeakers on their minarets. Mainstreaming jihad, which sanctions violence against those who “offend Islam,” is a crucial step in draping the sheath of sharia over a society. Sadly, Turkey seems to be slowly moving along that path.

More… Dutch government investigates Turkey’s jihad sermon on Afrin

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The government of Netherlands is investigating a Friday sermon on jihad issued by the top Turkish Islamic body which controls thousands of mosques across Turkey and Europe, Dutch media reported.

Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Wouter Koolmees was taking the Turkish preaching of jihad on Dutch soil “very seriously,” the daily De Telegraaf wrote on Saturday.

The paper said it recorded the sermon at a mosque in the northern Hoorn municipality and cited a mosque-goer who confirmed that it alluded to the Turkish army’s attempted invasion of Afrin.

In the Netherlands alone, there are at least 140 mosques operated by the Diyanet, Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs, which acts as the primary Islamic authority for populations of Muslim Turkish origin in other European countries and North America.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself unveiled one such mosque in 2016 near Washington, DC in the United States.

NB: Diyanet is active in Canada, no doubt the Jihad sermon was read here.