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The real Women’s March: Protests against migrant violence and Islamisation in Berlin

One of the reasons for the protest today is the endangerment of Germany’s women by uncontrolled mass migration, the flyer says. It adds that women lose self-determination by the “government-enforced Islamisation of our homeland”.

On the flyer the group demands “immediate securing of Germany’s border and the deportation of all illegal immigrants”. According to them “Germany is not an experimental laboratory for medieval experiments”.

An Understanding of Islamic Supremacism Must Drive U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy

The Trump administration’s new National Vetting Center, housed within the Department of Homeland Security, could provide a needed boost to our defenses if it streamlines and coordinates the information collection and sharing processes between relevant immigration and national security agencies, rather than adding to the bureaucratic thicket.

While it is critical to get the mechanism for keeping harmful actors such as jihadists out of the U.S. right, equally if not more important is that we get right the vetting process itself. On this, the executive memorandum is silent.

PM Trudeau, family, kick off Indian state visit with namaste greeting at airport

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s state visit to India is officially underway as he arrived with his family in New Delhi at sundown on Saturday.

The family, including wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and kids Xavier, 10, Ella-Grace, 9, and Hadrien, 3, emerged from the plane and delivered a traditional Indian welcome greeting, with their hands clasped together and their heads slightly bowed, to the delight of officials and Indian media waiting on the ground.

Associated Press Endorses ‘Accountability Journalism’

The journalistic ethics of old do not apply to the new guidelines over at the Associated Press. The new ethics are called “accountability journalism,” and the new bureau chief, Ron Fournier, believes that the conventional press model, where both sides of an argument are entitled to equal weight, is exactly what journalists need to avoid.

Fournier believes those old journalistic ethics are what stops reporters from telling the truth as they see it.

The Left Fails to Recognize the Current Reality

Most people think the media is the news. Most people — well, I hope not most — but a sizable number of people think that when they turn on cable news or the three nightly newscasts, or now the late night comedy shows, that they’re actually getting news. And they’re not. They’re not getting anywhere near what is news. They’re not even getting correct facts. People tuning into cable news, the three nightly newscasts, or reading the big newspapers, are simply reading radical activism that is disguised as news and perpetrated as news because of the people who are presenting it.