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ISIS Flag Raised At Utah High School

Mysteriously and without warning, a flag representing the nearly-defeated ISIS appeared in place of the American flag at a high school in Hurricane, Utah on Thursday morning.

Hurricane police have been working in concert with the FBI to determine why the flag had been raised. Ken Thompson, a spokesman for the Hurricane Police Department, said authorities don’t know if the perpetrator was a student or an outsider.

The Accent Coach Agrees With Findings on Study Related to Children’s Cartoons

A study was recently conducted on the use of accents in children’s cartoons with a focus on how the villains in the story speak. The initial study was conducted by an associate professor in child study and human development from Tufts University and a senior lecturer at the university. The results show that the majority of the villains were given foreign accents even when the rest of the characters spoke American English. The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, a business speech coach, feels this situation leads to many unintended consequences for children.

Two NDP riding associations want to put ‘socialism’ back in the party constitution

The push to return to the anti-capitalist roots of the party comes as the NDP kicks off its national convention Friday at a downtown convention centre overlooking the slushy Rideau Canal.

Among a host of policy resolutions slated for consideration by hundreds of party delegates is a proposal from the NDP’s Etobicoke North and Beaches—East York riding associations to bring socialism back to the core of the party’s political purpose.

Informant Warned FBI About Parkland Shooter’s Desire To Shoot Up School, FBI IGNORED IT

The Left insists that the government must have complete and total control over guns in order to protect Americans from school shootings. But on Friday, we found out that the FBI knew full well about the shooter in the Parkland, Florida school massacre . . . and did nothing. TWICE.

First, they were informed in September that a YouTube user with the shooter’s real name stated, “Im going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI didn’t bother following up until after the Parkland massacre; they didn’t share the information with local authorities.

Presidential coups are more important than deranged teenagers.

Premier confirms ‘troubling’ sexual assault allegations against an unnamed Liberal cabinet minister

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Friday she has been told of “troubling allegations” against a former Liberal MPP who was once a cabinet minister three decades ago.

The confirmation follows a tweet from lawyer and former Liberal MP John Nunziata a day earlier, saying “I was retained today by a woman who was sexually assaulted and abused by a Liberal cabinet minister. The premier was informed three weeks ago.”