University of British Columbia Student Clubs Denounced for Promoting Conspiracy Theories About Jews

Two clubs at Canada’s University of British Columbia have been denounced as promoting the “kinds of racist conspiracy theories that helped inspire the Holocaust” after posting on social media a list of 140 “Zionist crimes.”

Colour Connected Against Racism UBC and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – UBC have been sharply condemned by a coalition of on-campus Jewish organizations for linking this week on their official Facebook pages to an article accusing Jews, Zionists, and Israel of orchestrating 9/11 and mass war, and “Jewish Big Money” of controlling American politics.

Leveraging the rhetoric of #MeToo, the article excoriated the “Western hypocrisy” of American politicians supporting “the criminal and genocidal Zionist colonial enterprise and a nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel,” while denouncing “non-deadly and non-illegal inappropriate behaviour to women.”