Patrick Brown claims he didn’t resign and is still PC party leader: sources

Sources close to Patrick Brown say he never signed a resignation letter and is still leader of the Ontario PC Party, CityNews has learned.

The sources further claim the party leadership race is invalid and someone in the PC party crafted the resignation letter without Brown’s authorization or signature.

“(Brown) is fighting for everything; he is fighting for his political life and he is not going to give it away,” one of the sources said.

According to the sources, if the PC party goes ahead with the leadership vote on March 10, it could be met with a legal challenge.

The sources also said Brown is being encouraged to take his seat in the chair of leader of the Opposition when the legislature resumes on Feb. 20.

The PC Party is a bad joke. If Brown never signed the resignation letter then a pox on all of them. That said he remains a deceitful individual unworthy of the leadership which he obtained by LYING to party members of various stripes.

Upperdate – What a duplicitous twat – Resignation was sent out ‘without my permission’: Patrick Brown

Update: Now he’s denying the report. My suspicion is that despite the “denial” this was a trial balloon to gauge support for a possible return. Ain’t gonna happen.