Patrick Brown says he is the victim of a ‘fabricated political assassination’

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown says he has proof the sexual misconduct accusations against him – that he plied two women with drinks before advancing on them – are false.

And now one of his accusers has changed part of her story.

“It’s been horrific. It’s like getting hit by a car. You’re in shock,” Brown said in his first televised interview since CTV revealed the explosive allegations that forced him to resign as leader of the Ontario PC Party. “I can’t tell you how difficult the emotional toll has been on myself, on my family, on my friends, to be maligned on national television by absolute lies.”

Sorry but I’m not reading “victim” here. He was a deceitful man who gained the leadership by lying to party members. If he is vindicated by the courts concerning the allegations so be it. He was never deserving of the party leadership.