Judge lets Muslim nutter walk free: Restrictions rejected for accused ISIS sympathizer Khalid Ibrahim

Everyone agrees Khalid Ahmad Ibrahim is a deeply troubled man.

But is he a potential terrorist — or mentally ill?

A ticking time-bomb — or a misunderstood immigrant with an obsession with Middle Eastern violence and a police file full of unsettling incidents?

A man who deserves to have his liberty restricted for the safety of all — or one who deserves treatment for pretty much the same reason?

The Crown’s case was compelling: Ibrahim had allegedly yelled “Allah Akbar” in public and threatened to stab Canadians. Two former roommates claimed he said he “wanted to kill Canadian people by cutting off their heads and that he wanted to join ISIS.”

A search of his cellphone turned up graphic images of “beheadings and corpses, firearms, bombings and known terrorists.”

Justin will be so happy.