How Salim Mansur is trying to clarify the theories and inner conflicts that have shaped Islam

In the 21st century, anyone who chooses to be a “dissident Muslim” must deal with serious loneliness. Non-Muslims imagine that all Muslims are more or less the same. Muslims usually regard their faith as obvious and true, so who could dissent from it?

But a dissident Muslim refuses to accept official dogma. A dissident Muslim wants to step out from under the weight of traditional consensus and “rethink” Islam.

I have great respect for Professor Mansur, we do owe him a debt for his work and the personal risks he has taken. I have concern that voices such as his go largely unheeded within the Muslim community. I cannot name a single Muslim reformer with a significant following among Muslims. Certainly there are those whom westerners have adopted as champions like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and silly liberals who need to deceive themselves that Islam is just like all religions trot out their talisman Malala whenever a virtue signalling adornment is required. But to my knowledge none have significant impact within the Islamic community. Apostasy is a great silencer.