Evening Photos

(1) Mount Assiniboine reflected in Sunburst Lake (Kootenay National Park, BC) by Jack Bolshaw

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(2) Wintry forest (Ukraine) by Pavlo Kuzyk

(3) Sun in the forest (Bohemia, Czech Republic) by Kilian Schönberger

(4) Wooden Orthodox church with hoar frost (Anadyr, Chukotka, Russia) by Konstantin Shevtsov

(5) Cherry Blossom by Jacky Parker

(6) Lower Slaughter (Cotswolds) by George Mihai Leonte

(7) U Bein Bridge (Myanmar) by Heini Drui

(8) Riding Mountain National Park (Manitoba) by Austin MacKay (@austin.mackay)

(9) The Bog Trail (near Sherbooke, Quebec) by Kerbla Edzerdla

(10) Fog in autumn forest (Crimea) by Denis Belitsky

(11) Winter sunset (Montcalm County, Michigan) by Michigan Nut Photography

(12) A summer meadow near Mt Rainier (Washington) by Henrik Anker Bjerregaard Lundh III

(13) Road to Monument Valley (Arizona / Utah border) by Sherry Bell

(14) Loch Rusky in autumn (Trossachs, Scotland) by David Mould

(15) House in a wintry forest (no location given) by Kurt Hinterreither

(16) Dittisham (Devon, England) by Christian Iversen



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