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Why is Justin Trudeau so obsessed with Islam?

Once again, we see the issue of “Islamophobia” pushing a world leader, and his government, to go crazy, endangering his citizenship with policies and political appointments. We are referring to Justin Trudeau and Canada.

The following is part of a transcript for the video above:

For the past two years, Trudeau has done a number of questionable things to show that he is very sympathetic to Muslims, even to Muslim extremists, who he has now given millions of dollars to.

For the record, Canada does not have a history of persecuting Muslims, so there is no ground to make up here.

For The Modeling Industry, The Future Is Transgender

These days, having a famous last name has superseded having a skill, and the ones who get the most work are more likely to have already been on a reality show. What they stand for? Sometimes, just a paycheck. But there’s another community of rising models like none before them: They’re brave, they’re diverse, and they know how to sell clothes. That they’re transgender is not the point — but it definitely matters.

No More BFFs? Some Schools Consider Banning ‘Best Friends’

Rumored to have first started in Prince George’s South London school this push to breakup best friends is catching on, says clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg.

“There has been a movement in some American schools and European schools to ban the phrase ‘best friend,’” Greenberg said. “The idea of banning the phrase ‘best friends’ is a very intriguing social experiment.”

Arizona: Muslim gets just 1 year in prison for planning ISIS-inspired jihad attack in Phoenix

Derrick Thompson, aka Abu Talib al-Amriki, pleaded guilty to two felony charges: Assisting a criminal syndicate and solicitation to commit misconduct involving weapons.

Thompson was first arrested in 2016 after he allegedly took steps to commit an ISIS-inspired, lone-wolf attack in the state. Court documents at the time showed Thompson tried to buy a semi-automatic weapon online the year prior “with the intent to use that weapon to promote or further the objectives of a criminal syndicate.”

Arabs are charged with attempted murder on Skärholm Health Care Center

“There has been some kind of turmoil,” said Sven-Erik Olsson at the police to SVT on Tuesday.

But turmoil is perhaps in the mildest terms.

Now, four of the five people who attacked the healthcare center have been suspected of higher charges such as assassination.