‘A man can do anything – but a woman needs to behave’: Muslim husband screams furious abuse at his wife after catching her stroking shirtless model’s six-pack on hidden camera


  • Posted on the YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater, the video captures a man named Mohammed Ahmed detail how he doesn’t trust his wife
  • He explains that since the couple moved to the US from Pakistan, his wife has been fraternizing with a female friend he doesn’t trust………
  • While the wife appeared to pass the test, Mohammed became hysterical in the aftermath, telling the camera crew his wife deserved to be beaten

‘Back in Pakistan, I tell her, you sit home, she sit home. I tell her come, she cover face, she comes. Here, phone, phone, every time phone. I do not like.’

‘America no good, girls no good,’ he added.

‘We beat in Pakistan, beat…’

The couple have been married for eight years and living in America for three.

“So glad we got him!” Check out the video at the link.