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Media Fawns Over North Korean Cheerleaders — But Why?

The North Korean government has sent 22 athletes to the Olympic Games, which should not have been allowed in the first place. In addition to these 22 athletes, North Korea has sent a cheer squad of over 200 called the “Army of Beauties” chosen for their looks and loyalty to the government.

What is most surprising is the public’s reaction to this group.

These women are all over social media, performing choreographed routines at various sporting events with North Korean competitors. In one routine, they even held up masks with the face of Kim Jong Il, their former dictator.

China Techno-Police State will identify any face within 3 seconds by 2020 using billions of cameras

Since the start of the 2018 Spring Security Campaign, Zhengzhou Railway Police has taken the lead in using the portraits of police glasses on national railways. The police sunglasses can effectively screen out illegal travelers who are fleeing and fraudulent use of identity documents on the Internet. It is understood that the Zhengzhou Railway Police were stationed in Zhengzhou, the four stations were used in this police glasses.

New strain “Trudope” created in honour of Justin Trudeau legalizing weed in Canada

Everybody knows how dope Justin Trudeau is. So it only makes sense that there is a strain named after him to match his appeal. At a meeting held in Winnipeg this month, Trudeau found out about a new strain of weed created in his honor, Justin Trudope. There was laughter and excitement from the crowd after this was announced by an audience member at the meeting.

A Nazi Olympic Symbol?

Radical leftists have recently criticized the Norwegian Olympic ski team for wearing a sweater with the ancient Norse rune symbol Tyr (↑) on their sweaters because some neo-Nazi groups in recent times have appropriated the symbol for their movement. The producer of the sweater, Dale of Norway, has dismissed the accusation. Chief executive Hilde Midtfjell told the Times that they will ignore the complaints.“Neo-Nazis have marched with Norwegian flags,” she said. “That does not mean we stop using that, does it?”

The informed reader will recognize this power tactic by the left. Accusing someone of racism and Nazism only works against those who are neither. The radical left knows this and uses it to gain power over innocent decent people.

Trudeau wants Facebook to censor his “political enemies”

After Trudeau’s humiliating “Peoplekind” gaffe his Principal Secretary Gerald Butts lashed out at the media on Twitter where he labeled the media “Nazis”.

It was the first time Trudeau faced ridicule in the mainstream media (except the CBC) so he wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again.