The Stanley verdict: Manslaughter and ‘hang fire’

It’s easy to explain why the jury acquitted Gerald Stanley of second-degree murder: It concluded that there was no intention to fire his weapon at the occupants inside the SUV. It is trickier to explain why it acquitted the defendant of manslaughter.

First, keep in mind that this was not a case in which the accused claimed that his finger “slipped” while brandishing a weapon in order to keep intruders at bay. At no point did the defence argue that he intentionally pointed his weapon at the youths in order to protect his family or his property. He was holding the gun at the pivotal moment, but in the (he argued, well-founded) belief that it was empty.

Trudeau Tweets Condolences After Jury Acquits Farmer Of Murder

The Friday acquittal of a Saskatchewan farmer tried for second degree murder has prompted condolences and criticism from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould.

As CBC News reports, a jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty in the death of Colten Boushie. The decision sparked a firestorm on social media Saturday.