Postmodern media and “Who’s to blame?”

From Derek Hunter at Townhall,

The release of the Democrats’ memo was supported unanimously by the Intelligence Committee, unlike the Republican memo. No Democrats wanted the public to know what their government was up to when it was the GOP telling the story, but zero Republicans made any attempt to stop the liberals from telling their side. Weird, right?

Yes, some liberal journalists are grousing about how the memos weren’t released simultaneously, but they are lying to the public. There is a very specific procedure for releasing information of this sort that requires time for the various interested parties to have a chance to weigh in. Democrats did not start the procedure for their memo until long after trying to block the Republicans’ memo. So they, the Democrats, are responsible for their memo’s delay, not partisan actions by Republicans. You won’t hear that on MSNBC or CNN. More.

Reality check: It’s not just bias. Post-modern types do not attribute responsibility to anyone so blame is apportioned on the basis of presumed oppressorship vs presumed victimhood. If permanent progressive government funds all future permissible media enterprises, facts will no longer be the painful issue they have been in the past.

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