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Military to spend $170,000 so leaders can see what it’s like to be stoned on marijuana

“The purpose of the Marijuana Simulation Kits is to raise awareness of marijuana impairment, reduce risk of marijuana impairment, and promote healthy lifestyles within the Canadian Armed Forces,” companies who want to bid on the contract were told. “The marijuana impairment goggles, which is one of the several items included in the Marijuana Simulation Kit, allows users to experience first-hand, the deficits marijuana creates on the body.”

The Sun Will Be Dimmer And Cooler By 2050

Scientists have found evidence suggesting that the sun will be dimmer and cooler by 2050.

Researchers identified that the sun goes through a “grand minimum.” This is a point during an 11-year cycle where the sun’s surface is calm.

During the high point of this cycle, the sun ejects more ultraviolet rays leading to more flares and sunspots. The “grand minimum” is the low point in the solar cycle since the nuclear fusion subsides.

US Army Now Holding Drills With Ground Robots That Shoot

In a historic first, the Army conducted a live fire exercise with a remote-controlled ground combat vehicle armed with a .50-caliber machine gun. It plans to conduct more exercises with more heavily armed ground robots within the next couple of years.

The demonstration was part of the annual Northern Strike exercise, which took place last July and August at Michigan’s Camp Grayling. Primarily geared toward reserve units, this year’s event debuted an unmanned, heavily armed M113 armored personnel carrier. The driver and the weapons operator followed behind in a slightly larger M577 command post vehicle.

John Podesta’s Cure for Climate Change: A Government in Charge of Your ‘Family Planning’

John Podesta, former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and the current chair of the Center for American Progress, recently wrote an article in The Washington Post rallying all good progressives to cure the scourge of climate change by controlling the earth’s out-of-control population explosion.

Experts, Indigenous advocates renew call for more diversity on juries

Some legal experts and Indigenous advocates say the trial of a Saskatchewan farmer accused of murdering a Cree man highlights a long-standing need for more diversity on juries.

A jury is currently deliberating the fate of Gerald Stanley, who testified that he accidentally shot Colten Boushie when the young man and four others drove onto Stanley’s farm near Biggar, Sask. Boushie’s family voiced frustration after no visibly Indigenous jurors were selected.

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