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Yale Student Warns Men Can’t Be Left Alone Unless They’re Apologizing For ‘Toxic Masculinity’

On Tuesday, a Yale student argued that men cannot be left alone because male-only groups foster “toxic masculinity,” while female-only groups allow women to fight back against the patriarchy. She argued that female-only “spaces” provide important relief from masculinity.

So women should be able to meet in sex-segregated groups. But men should not have the same freedom, Halperin argued.

If this is a valid argument, can it be extended to races or religions?

Toronto high schools to be provided with naloxone kits

Canada’s largest school board will soon be stocking all its high schools with the overdose-reversing drug naloxone.

Toronto District School Board spokesman Ryan Bird says naloxone kits will be provided to more than 100 secondary schools across the city once training is completed at the end of April.

Before the March Break, Bird says the board will begin training two to three staff members at each school on how to properly spot an overdose and administer the antidote.

So this is a good thing? Like medically supervised shooting galleries?

Mother of trans girl, Edmonton Catholic reach agreement in bathroom dispute

The mother of a transgender girl who was prevented from using the girls’ washroom at an Edmonton Catholic school has reached an agreement with the school board after filing a human rights complaint.

As a part of the agreement, neither the school board or the mother can disclose the details of the agreement, but both confirmed Thursday the human rights case has concluded.

Maclean’s magazine asking men to pay more for latest issue highlighting pay gap

Maclean’s magazine is highlighting the gender pay gap by asking men to fork over 26 per cent more for its latest issue.

The news magazine says it hopes the move “will stir urgent conversation.”

This month’s issue has two covers with two different prices — one at $8.81, the other at the regular price of $6.99.

They say it reflects the 26 per cent gap between full-time wages paid to men and women in Canada.

If men have to pay more for the same item, shouldn’t they earn more?

The American Left are causing massive problems

We are dealing with two utterly balkanized groups of people in American politics. These groups have become so polarized that they literally have lost the ability to communicate with one another. This inability is capitalized upon by the liberal Left far more effectively than the conservative Right in the United States, and this has created massive problems.

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