Leadership hopes dashed: Caroline Mulroney endorsed by Heather Mallick

Caroline Mulroney offers grimy PCs a fresh start

Caroline Mulroney’s run for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is a good thing, and not just because more women are needed in politics. It adds another option for those who think Doug Ford is yesterday’s man. He was crass and brutal even in his era and the Conservatives have to start afresh.

I assumed leadership hopeful Christine Elliott would offer an alternative but her suggestion that she is just fine with ex-leader Patrick Brown running again as MPP, despite allegations of sexual misbehaviour involving teenage girls, is proof that Ontario’s Conservatives are stuck in the past. Why didn’t she say “No more”?

Ford has his fans, such as they are, but then there are the rest of us.

This is a bit like a cannibal commenting on vegetarian cuisine.