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Leftists Hysterical Over Trump’s Military Parade Warn They’ll Lie Down In Front Of Tanks

In a Facebook video, Menconi insisted, “We would go to Washington, D.C., if such a crazy and insane act occurred and we would lay down in front of the tanks, just like the heroes and the courageous students did in China in 1989.”

Two problems; students did not lie down in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989; one protester stood in front of a tank during the protest, then climbed up onto the turret of the lead tank to speak to the soldiers inside. After he returned to his position in front of the tanks, he was pulled aside by a group of people.

Additionally, the protesters in China were fighting against the repressive Communist government that cracked down on free speech and freedom of the press.

Macy’s Launching Islamic Clothing Line

Retail giant Macy’s has leaped into the race to make Islam fashionable, announcing Wednesday that it will partner with the clothing brand Verona Collection, a “selection of modest, ready-to-wear pieces geared toward Muslim women,” according to USA Today.

Starting February 15, will be offering dresses, tops, cardigans, pants and, last but not least, hijabs. Prices range from $12.95 to $84.95.

“Verona Collection is more than a clothing brand. It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside,” Lisa Vogl, founder of Verona Collection, said in a news release.

Foreign buyers’ influence on Toronto and Vancouver housing markets is rising

In Toronto and Vancouver, non-permanent residents represented nearly 10 per cent of buyers under the age of 25 who were issued mortgages in 2016, suggesting some “may be receiving parental support,” according to a report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Agency.

Ontario followed in Vancouver’s footsteps last year when it introduced a foreign buyers tax as part of a package of measures designed to cool an overheated housing market. Prices in both cities – which had posted record increases that sparked fears of a housing bubble – soon cooled.

A woman is creating an island resort exclusively for women; no men allowed

There are women-only gyms, women-only taxi services and women-only social clubs, so it’s safe to say there’s an interest in man-free spaces. But what would you say to a women-only island resort?

Kristina Roth, a consultant whose company was listed on Forbes’ list of fastest-growing women-run businesses in 2016, is opening SuperShe Island in June, an exclusive resort off the coast of Finland that will serve as a luxury retreat only for women.

If a man did this, there would be hell to pay.

Canada’s acceptance rate of asylum seekers is the highest in 27 years — here’s why

Canada is accepting a higher proportion of asylum seekers than it has at any time in nearly three decades, a CBC News investigation has found.

CBC obtained almost 90,000 asylum claim decisions made by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada between January 2013 and September 2017.

The decisions indicate where each asylum seeker comes from, why they said they had to flee their homeland and whether their bid to stay in Canada was successful.