Will France be the first European country with a Muslim president?

The French ruling class has made ignorance the cornerstone of their policy as they are repressing the dawning awareness that the influx of people is changing their nation. Forever. The society is undergoing a profound demographic transformation it has not witnessed the likes of which since 500 AD and still the government does not keep track of the ethnicity and religion of its inhabitants. Instead, the French establishment propagates the “We are all French” mantra, repeating a strategy that failed during colonialism.

History teaches us that nations change profoundly when Islam becomes an important force. Still, the French elites believe that this law will miraculously not hold good for France. After the colonial period, they saw the French culture disappearing in South East Asia and Africa; now the same is going to happen in their own country. Muslims will not be a majority for many years to come yet, but soon, within one or two decades, they will become one of the most influential political forces.