YouTube anti-propaganda campaign unfair to public broadcasters, say critics

From Rachel Kraus at Mashable:

YouTube is attempting to stem the ugly ooze of propaganda and conspiracy theories on its platform with what can be best described as a misleading Band-Aid.

On Friday, Google-owned YouTube announced it’s rolling out “notices” that inform users they’re watching a video from an organization that receives funding from a government.

But YouTube will also use the “notice” to flag organizations like America’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), or the British Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Despite the fact that these news entities receive some public funding, they are editorially independent independent by statute. More.

Reality check: The obvious solution is, in a media-saturated age, that governments to quit funding “public broadcasters.” “Editorially independent independent by statute” is nonsense. They know who butters their bread and they act like it. They’re not to blame for that but there is an unbridgeable chasm between independence “by statute” and independence by “we could go out of business” reality.

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