More than 1,500 attend Doug Ford rally on a snowy night

Ontario PC Party leadership candidate Doug Ford made it clear Saturday night he intends to stake out the same populist ground that won the Toronto mayor’s chair for his brother Rob in 2010.

“The stakes have never been higher…people in Ontario are suffering under the weight of high taxes and big government,” he told a crowd of more than 1,500 who came out to a hastily organized rally at the Toronto Congress Centre on a snowy night.

From CBC… Doug Ford officially launches bid for leadership of Ontario PC Party

Leone said Ford may even have what it takes to find traction beyond the Greater Toronto Area. In a province where Wynne’s Liberals have taken a beating in the polls over consumer-friendly issues such as rising electricity rates, he said Ford’s messages may find favour “in all pockets of the province.”

A recent study between The Canadian Press and EKOS Research, for instance, identified one Ontario community as the most likely in the country to respond to a populist movement.

In the national poll, 38 per cent of respondents in Oshawa held viewpoints suggesting they had a negative perception of their own economic outlook and the prospects for the next generation’s, as well as a sense they’re not getting ahead. Those themes figure prominently in Ford’s political rhetoric. The results were well ahead of the national average.​

From the Red Star… Doug Ford tells supporters Tories must present Ontario voters with ‘responsible vision’

As he launched his leadership bid to be Progressive Conservative leader, Ford told the crowd he doesn’t support the carbon tax — a key part of the party’s platform.

Ford can ride his “No Carbon tax to victory”