Live by the rote talking point die by the rote talking point Justin

Justin was asked a question about his position on ISIS, Islamist immigration and the anti-Canadian values nature of Islam itself. In a profoundly stupid attempt to avoid a direct answer he ended up comparing Islamist settlers to Canada’s previously successful waves of immigration.

Liberals cling to a romanticized notion of immigration that neglects the very nature of Islam itself. Islamists are not immigrants in the traditional sense, they are settlers who adhere to the violent supremacist ideology of their cult. Useful idiots like Justin sincerely believe that they possess the moral high ground in their defense of Muslim immigration. Islam’s own history belies this dangerous delusion. The Liberal bigotry of low expectations allows a fool like Justin to turn a blind eye to Islam’s barbarous core beliefs; it’s anti-woman sharia law, child marriage, slavery, the religiously sanctioned murder of, blasphemers, apostates, adulterers and homosexuals, it’s hatred of Christians and Jews, etc etc etc.

Nowhere in the world does Islam exist in peace. Muslim nations cruelly persecute their religious and ethnic minorities because Islam commands that they do so and provides its adherents the “religious” authority to commit routine acts of barbarism. Aside from the tiny Shia offshoot Ismaili sect and the even tinier apostate sect of the Ahmadi Canada is not importing a kinder gentler Islam than is found elsewhere in the world. The vast majority of Canada’s Muslim immigrants are members the dominant Sunni and Shia sects which are currently embroiled in Islam’s civil war. Islam is Islam like a Canadian is a Canadian except Islam is a supremacist political ideology that seeks dominance always, everywhere and especially over the Kuffar, and that’s you and that’s me.