“Fat positive” at Princeton

The latest in thing to be. From Matthew Penza at Campus Reform:

“This space is intended for fat identified people to share their experiences as a fat person at Princeton in an accepting and supportive environment,” a newsletter put out by the Women’s Center states.

Additionally, participants will “discuss fat positive programming ideas for the spring semester,” with the event description noting that “dinner will be served.”

Meanwhile, the University Health Services website emphasizes the importance of “exercise and fitness” as an important part of a “healthy life.” More.

Reality check: Princeton has no medical school. Thus, people with some knowledge of the health consequences of obesity will not be forced to misrepresent the health picture: “Obesity Shaved Almost a Year Off U.S. Life Expectancy, Study Says”

Will smoking positive be next? Or is that still beyond the pale if it is not dope?

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