Separate gay from transgender, for the good of both

From Walt Heyer, a recovering transgender, at the Federalist:

Time to pull the “T” from LGBT. No good reason remains to co-mingle people with mental disorders with people who are homosexual. Nor is it necessary to continue to give social credibility to this tiny group of delusional people who need psychiatric or psychotherapy first and foremost, not pronoun protection or gender reassignment.

Speaking for the non-transgendered or recovered transgendered among us, I am through with the political correctness traps of preferred pronouns and allowing men access to women’s facilities and activities. It’s time to express our compassion for this group and stop participating in their denial. True compassion is acknowledging that serious mental disorders are found in this population and insisting that the medical community stop treating all gender-dysphoric people with hormones and gender reassignment before caring for their mental health.

A good first step is to remove the T from LGBT. More.

Reality check: Heyer offers a wealth of documentation about transgender as a psychological problem. But sanity here is a lost cause.

The single most significant thing about post-modern causes is that they do not need to be coherent or have any particular relationship with fact. As I noted elsewhere:

For instance, as Ruse chronicles, gay activists have claimed that evidence from genetics justifies their demand for a ban on therapy to change unwanted homosexual attractions.6 But leaving aside the tenuousness of their scientific claims, one must ask, Why is the client—in only this one type of case—not entitled to seek therapy for his own purposes? Would the same activists also ban therapy to increase such attractions? What about the bisexual man who would genuinely prefer to just be gay? Or straight? The conveniently loose relationship activists have with science means that they won’t often be confronted with evidence that requires them to adopt a coherent position.

Transgender lobbyists, taking the opposite tack, claim that a person can belong to the other “gender” irrespective of obvious, genetically driven sexual characteristics, due to a concept of gender that could exist only in that individual’s mind. The lobby’s stance seems all the odder when we consider that most neuroscientists hold that the mind does not even exist apart from the biological, sex-specific brain. But the majority view in neuroscience is seldom raised as an objection to transgender claims. More.

We cannot argue because argument is now meaningless and could lead to rank hostility, no matter how peaceable we are. Contradiction does not matter as long as all identified victims have a voice. We must first quietly and peacefully remove all progressives from public office via the ballot box and reclaim the universities for reason and sanity.

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