Rowdy crowd of anti-pipeline hecklers take on Trudeau at B.C. town hall

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a spirited defence of his decision to approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline during the final — and at times rowdy — town hall meeting of his cross-country tour today in Nanaimo, B.C.

The prime minister was greeted by a chorus of boos — and slightly louder cheers of welcome — as he walked into the room.

But his defence of Kinder Morgan began when an elderly woman asked Trudeau to “please, please, please” stop the pipeline expansion from bringing more oil from Alberta to the B.C. coast.

Mere theatrics from the drama teacher. PM Asshat knows that the Kinder Morgan pipeline will never be built, it will be halted by a the usual quagmire of environmental reviews. It’s all just a pathetic vote buying charade.