Revenge attack? Migrants in Italy targeted in drive-by shooting – reports

A number of people have been wounded in a drive-by shooting in the Italian city of Macerata, according to local reports.

At least seven people have been reported injured following a shooting on Via dei Velini and Via Spalato, reported La Repubblica.

There are suggestions in the Italian press that the shootings were racially motivated, with at least four of the victims said to be African migrants.

Corriere   is reporting that one police line of inquiry is that it could be a revenge attack for the death of Pamela Mastropietro, savagely murdered by a Nigerian migrant.

Macerata Mayor Romano Carancini said schools and offices have been closed following the incident, with at least one armed assailant still at large.

Update – The gunman was named by the Italian press as Luca Traini, 28. A local man, he reportedly ran last year as a candidate in municipal elections for the anti-immigrant Northern League, which has since changed its name to the League to broaden its appeal.

The shooter eventually got out of his car and ran towards the town’s war memorial, reportedly shouting ‘Viva l’Italia’ or long live Italy.